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Song and melodies change and change but they still stay the same

25 February
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My name is Nurul Huda Binte Mohd Abdul Razak. i really hate writing bios cause i can't seem to find the right words to describe myself, seems like i've yet to find my true self. i don't take red meat. i hate milk. i don't smoke neither do i drink. my bestfriend is my vintage Roberts radio which is appointed by the Queen herself to radio manufacturers in other owords i have no idea what that means. i love music which i find myself occupied with almost 80% of the day. i'm not fond of singapore's education system. my mum wants me to go to the Big U really bad but i doubt i can make it. i like late night driving alone, helps to ease the mind. i dislike watching TV with people. i don't go to the movies cause it's expensive here in Singapore. why spend 10 bucks on tickets when you can watch free online. to be continue